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Let Love Make You Whole


Here’s a challenge…let’s redefine Valentine’s Day. It shouldn’t just be a day to celebrate romantic love, but a day to celebrate love in general. Love for your mom and dad who have stuck by you through thick and thin. Love for your brother and sister who always had your back, lended a shoulder to cry on and celebrated with you during the happiest times of your life. Love for your best friend who, still to this day, has held on to that ‘secret’ that only you and they know; who encourage you to go a little further. Love for your child(ren) who every time they reach up to you, you are overwhelmed with joy. Love for your husband/wife who have always believed in you and supported you when no one else would. And mostly, love for God, you is great and awesome in all things, forgiving, merciful, kind, and LOVING.

I have seen where people get ‘down right’ mad if they don’t get the ‘right’ gift or sentiment on Valentine’s Day and there whole day is ruined. Let’s grow beyond the material things and really find out what this love thing is all about. Some use it as a day to reflect on themselves and if things do go the way they think it should, then ‘all is lost’. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about that. What about the ones who don’t have a companion on Valentine’s Day? Are they not supposed to celebrate it just because they don’t have a romantic love? Of course not. That’s why the redefining of V-Day should be considered. Love doesn’t cost a thing, it’s FREE and yours for the taking…so here, take it:)

So once Valentine’s Day comes and leaves, let’s continue to grow in love and let love make us whole!