Hello ALL!

First, let me start off by saying that I am happy to be doing this and I’m not sure why it took me so long to do it! I feel that I have a lot to share with the world and hopefully I can get it accomplished through this blog.

Let me introduce myself…My name is April and I’m 29 years old.  I am a wife (married 11 years to my wonderful husband) and mother (he’s 3 and he’s AWESOME!). I live in a small town in West Tennessee (where everybody knows everybody…more or less) and life as I know it is pretty GOOD. I am currently finishing my B.A. degree in Elementary Education (I have 1 year left and I am so EXCITED!!!).  I attend a local church here and my church family is the greatest group of people you’ll ever meet! I love them so much!

I love the Lord! I came to know Jesus at a very early age. Over the years, my relationship with Him has grown and continues to grow to this day! Every day gets sweeter and sweeter. Early on in life, I learned that it’s not enough to just know of Jesus Christ, but to have an ‘up-close-and-personal’ relationship with Him…knowing Him through His word, in prayer and in relationship with others who know and love Him. When the Lord saved me, HE REALLY saved me.  He saved me and transformed my life, my way of thinking and speaking, ME! I am forever grateful to God for His mercy and grace. His love is so overwhelming and limitless. I could just go on and on about how Great my God is!

Enough about me (lol)…

So, check out my blog and please feel free to leave comments, questions and even suggestions. So far I have categories for Faith, MakeUP, Marriage, Nails, Smart Shopping, but I’m sure I’ll add MORE!


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